A trusted partner in an increasingly uncertain world

Where are we today?

“Today we stand at the precipice of not one but three converging and potentially catastrophic long-term trends: climate change, globalization, and growing inequality”, which over the next 20 years is likely to “produce a period of uncertainty that will make the previous two decades look positively stable.” 

– Harvard Business Review


Here at The Hiring Dept. we fully appreciate and recognise our pivotal role in identifying leadership talent who can deliver on your mission and on your strategic ambitions and successfully navigate and respond to political, social, and environmental changes which will come your way as they happen.

Deploying search strategies that pay attention to the people and communities you serve, and which identify candidates able to look beyond the state for solutions and who are able to make principled political choices.

Why The Hiring Dept.?

We attach significant importance to mutual respect, accountability, and success to the relationship. We understand the importance of having an emotional connection with your work and our role as a critical friend, providing additional capability and capacity over and above your internal resources.

We understand our craft and professional practice. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We understand it’s a collaborative process. We will always have your best interests in mind. We will communicate in a timely fashion. We will deliver and often exceed on what has been agreed and on expectations and on time. We will help you to set clear and achievable campaign goals. We are accessible and can always be reached. 

We provide broader bandwidth, introducing you to new partners who will help to build your resilience and enhance your impact and will always be on hand to provide advice and guidance.

Change Starts Here.

It’s easy talking about the challenges in attracting leadership talent.
At The Hiring Department, we offer solutions and take action.