The benefits of becoming a trustee

The benefits of becoming a trustee

The reasons why we might consider becoming a trustee are varied and often personal, as well as professional, and may simply be a consequence of having been invited or asked.


There are also so many ways in which we can support our favourite cause or charity, with the vast majority potentially starting this journey as a volunteer or as a supporter, with the role of Trustee providing that enhanced opportunity for engagement and to play your part, from a governance perspective, supporting the long term future success of the charity, ensuring that it remains sustainable and financially viable and above all relevant to the people and communities it serves.

Rewards & Benefits

The rewards and benefits which becoming a trustee can offer are both rich and plentiful. It helps to satisfy the altruistic desire that sits naturally within all of us and our concern for the well-being and happiness of other humans or animals; it serves as a unique learning and development opportunity, and especially in relation to but not limited to strategic planning, financial management, and problem-solving; and it is highly valued by employers and increasingly viewed as an essential part of a candidates leadership journey.

It provides an opportunity to support a cause or subject area that we feel passionate about and one in which we can contribute to achieving positive systemic change and outcomes;  a unique set of networking opportunities, and the chance to build connections outside our chosen professional career or discipline; gain board level experience, and it demonstrates our passion to make a wider impact, helping to develop, enhance and better communicate our values and personal brand.

Lastly but by no means least it also has also been proven to have a positive impact on well-being; often providing a level of fulfilment potentially not attained in other aspects of your life and provides a wealth of benefits and learning, which will at least meet and often exceed the commitment you are able to give.

Your trustee journey

If you are potentially interested in finding out more and would welcome an initial conversation, or alternatively you are an employer who would welcome the opportunity to promote trusteeship to your team, please contact our Founder & CEO at

Philip has over twenty years experience of serving as a trustee, and currently sits on the boards of Coram Beanstalk and The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation and as a Member of the Survivors Advisory Forum with the National Emergencies Trust.