The Hiring Dept: Building Diverse Leadership Teams

Building Diverse Leadership Teams

Here at The Hiring Dept, we have an enviable reputation and proactively use Executive Search as a powerful tool for promoting greater levels of diversity within our client organisations, recognising that diverse leadership teams bring different perspectives, enhance innovation, and contribute to a more inclusive workplace culture.

How does The Hiring Dept. use executive search to promote diversity?

Here are some of the strategies we deploy:


We work collaboratively with our clients to help them define their diversity goals, encouraging them to be more ambitious based on the insight we are able to offer, and our significant track record and and commitment to diversity and inclusion, which sits at the heart of our practice.

Candidate Attraction:

We develop bespoke sourcing strategies which seek to acknowledge the challenges but also leverage the opportunities provided and which not only generate diverse shortlists but also leave a lasting legacy to benefit future campaigns.

Marketing Collateral:

We will craft a candidate information pack that emphasises our clients commitment to diversity and inclusion; and use inclusive language and highlight the value placed on diverse perspectives within the leadership team.

Search Networks:

We look beyond traditional networks to identify diverse candidates, engaging with diverse professional associations, community groups, and informal networks.

We are also often invited to speak at events focused on diversity and inclusion and contribute to articles and opinion pieces, all of which helps to expand our connections.


We often utilise technology to anonymize the initial stages of the recruitment process, minimizing unconscious bias, and we have a successful track record of implementing blind resume reviews and structured interviews to ensure fair and equitable candidate evaluations.

Interview Panels:

We work to ensure that interview panels reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, and other relevant factors, in the knowledge that multiple perspectives can contribute to a more thorough and unbiased assessment of candidates.

Employer Branding:

We highlight our client’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, showcasing success stories of diverse leaders within the organization to inspire potential candidates.

Succession Planning:

We help to implement mentorship programmes that support the development of diverse talent within our client organisations.


We track diversity metrics throughout the executive search process, regularly reporting on the progress of diversity initiatives to leadership and key stakeholders.

By integrating these strategies into the executive search process, our clients are able to create diverse and inclusive leadership teams, fostering a positive and a more innovative organisational culture.

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Philip has over twenty years of experience in executive search and currently serves as the Chair of the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, a trustee of Coram Beanstalk, and he is the Green Party’s spokesperson on Heritage & Leisure.